Washcare Instructions

Due to the nature of latex, every latex product has a smell when it is brand new.

We recommend that before you use our mattress, remove & wash the zipper cover. Air the naked latex mattress in a well-ventilated room or use a fan to blow at it. DO NOT put the latex mattress under sunlight. Once the zipper cover is dry, put it back on to the naked latex mattress, and the smell should be less strong than before.

Small items (Pillows and Bolsters)

Hand wash recommended

Machine wash cold, short cycle

Laundry net recommended

Tumble dry, no heat, short cycle

Bulky items (Mattresses)

Do not wash

Spot clean with cold water

Press out water with absorbent cloths


Do not expose latex to direct sunlight and heat

Dry under fan in a well-ventilated room

Do not store in poorly ventilated places

Waterproof Mattress Protectors 
Spray some detergent on soiled area, gently rub until stains come off.

Hand wash in cold water, rinse well and line dry.
If machine wash, put in laundry net, use gentle cycle and spin dry.

Do not wring
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Iron only at low temp
Dry outdoors