Warranty Registration

Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Warranty is only applicable for cot mattresses of the following sizes:

24 x 48 x 3 in / 60 x 122 x 7.5 cm

28 x 48 x 3 in / 70 x 122 x 7.5 cm

28 x 52 x 3 in / 70 x 133 x 7.5 cm

28 x 56 x 3 in / 70 x 142 x 7.5 cm

Single size mattress

Please read carefully:
1 - The warranty is for 2 years and covers sagging.
2 -  It does not apply to the covering material and the usual wear and tear associated with the use of the product.
3 -  Do check the quality of the mattress immediately upon purchase as return or exchange due to manufacturer’s defects is not allowed after 14 days from date of purchase.
4 - A mattress is a very personal item - we do not accept returns/exchanges after it has been used.
5 - Your receipt is your proof of purchase.

The warranty does not apply if the latex foam is:
• in an unsanitary condition  
• not covered by its original covering
• not cared for in accordance to our care instruction 
• exposed to sunlight, which causes latex foam to harden
• subject to heavy weight not appropriate for its size

While we endeavor to provide the best quality products to you, Natural Latex foam has the following inherent characteristics:
1 - Latex smell
Every mattress has a smell when it is brand new and the smell of latex mattress may be stronger for some who are more sensitive to smell. We recommend that you take a sniff when you first open and manage your expectations. It will need a short period of time to air out (about 2 weeks) when first removed from its covering. 

2 - Imperfections
Small defects including discolorations, slight unevenness and irregular hole-size are common. The slight imperfections do not impair the comfort and durability of the mattress.

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